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Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or indoor entertainment, you’ve come to the right place! Birch Run has something to do for everyone in your group. Kick back and enjoy the latest silver screen releases at the   Emagine Birch Run luxury movie theater. This enhanced movie-going experience includes gourmet concessions with adult beverages, power reclining seats and unparalleled customer service. Enjoy either recreational or miniature golf at one of the areas many courses. If you’re looking for something to howl about, spend the day with the lions and other awesome creatures of Wilderness Trails Zoo.

Outdoor Fun

Baja Acres

8683 Birch Run Road Millington

(989) 871-3356

Birch Run Speedway

10945 Dixie Hwy

(989) 624-9778

The Historian Speedway Publication

Night Flight Fireworks

6560 Dixie Hwy, Bridgeport

(989) 777-2666

Montrose Orchards

12473 Seymour Rd, Montrose

(810) 639-6971

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Bridgeport Gun Club

3265 Roselle Dr, Saginaw

(989) 777-9949

Wilderness Trails

11721 Gera Rd, Birch Run

(989) 624-6177

Ball Equipment Lawn &

Powersports Superstore

11901 N. Beyer Rd, Birch Run

(989) 624-4400

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Fun Inside and Out!


Alpine Mountain Golf

11873 Gera Rd, Birch Run

(989) 624-4848

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Green Acres Golf Course

7323 Dixie Hwy, Bridgeport    

(989) 777-3510

Virtual Tour

Timbers Golf Course

7300 Bray Rd, Vassar

(989) 871-4884

Virtual Tour

Clio Country Club

13141 N. Linden Rd., Clio

(810) 686-0211

Indoor Fun

Emagine Birch Run

12280 Dixie Hwy, Birch Run

(989) 624-3461

Birch Run Moose Lodge 

12326 Gera Rd, Birch Run

(989) 624-2426

Virtual Tour

Williams Gun Sight

7389 Lapeer Rd, Davison

(810) 742-2120

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