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The Birch Run area provides a wealth of choices when it comes to sitting down to re-fuel. Enjoy well-known restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebee’s and Uno Pizzeria & Grill, to regional favorites like Bagger Dave’s and Leo’s Coney Island. If you’re looking to enjoy some hometown flavor, check our local eateries such as Goal Post Pizza, the Birch Run Deli or Tony’s Restaurant, home to the Tony’s Original One Pound BLT!  

Find the Best Food in Town!

Family & Casual Dinning

136 Center

9143 Birch Run Rd, Birch Run

(866) 394-8136


8800 Main St, Birch Run

(989) 624-4307


Bagger Dave's    

8827 Main St, Birch Run

(989) 244-6660

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Birch Run Deli

8501 Main St, Birch Run

(989) 414-2424

Buffalo Wild Wings

8811 Birch Run Rd, Birch Run

(989) 244-6430

Bus Stop Bar & Grille

10014 Dixie Hwy, Birch Run

(989) 244-6350

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The Comet Classic Diner & Creamery

11740 Gera Rd., Birch Run

(989) 244-6216

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Cracker Barrel    

6450 Dixie Hwy, Bridgeport    

(989) 777-8443

Goal Post Pizza    

12035 Church St, Birch Run

(989) 624-4397


Leo’s Coney Island

8645 Main St, Birch Run

(989) 624-5055

Notch'Yo Foods

8010 Dixie Hwy, Birch Run

(989) 401-0372

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Panther Pack Cafe

12450 Church St, Birch Run

(989) 244-5183

Tony's I-75 Restaurant

8781 Main St, Birch Run

(989) 624-5860


Uno's of Birch Run

8975 Market Place Dr, Birch Run

(989) 624-8667

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Zehnder's of Frankenmuth

730 S. Main St., Frankenmuth

(989) 652-0450

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